• Image of Deluxe Felt - Strawberry - 60cm -
  • Image of Deluxe Felt - Strawberry - 60cm -

Deluxe Felt.

Measures approximately 60cm.

Felt may be Hand Washed if required. Please email or PM me on Facebook for more instructions! I'm always happy to talk you through the process of washing one of these delicate beauties!

This is a soft felt - be gentle with it. Some curls may become loose with use - unfortunately this is unavoidable with this type of texture.

The free-form felting process used to create these deluxe felts will result in some unevenness; this is to be expected and simply enhances the unique nature of the felt!

This felt may have some grass seeds etc in it, I have done my best to pick them out, but I may have missed some.

Photo Props only - use only under complete adult supervision